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Welcome to ChemFaces, as the high-quality natural product research & development enterprise, we are committed to providing a variety of different specifications of natural products to worldwide scientific research institutions and enterprises. ChemFaces is a professional company with expert and integrated R&D group and production team. The keen insights of the research personnel lay a solid foundation for the choice of plants with high research value and bioactivity. Screening the references, analyzing the expectant ingredients and designing the feasible production standard, the production staff can separate and prepare various natural products with different purity by making use of all kinds of preparative chromatographic apparatus and analytical instruments. Meanwhile, the research personnel can authenticate the structure of the compounds with spectrum, MS and NMR. More information? Contact Us by e-mail



BIOPREMIER, an independent company providing service in the food industry, founded in 2016 to become an innovation driver for products in molecular biology. Despite the young age we gather over 20 years of experience in molecular biology solution. Our clients are laboratories, private or government owned, that need high quality kit solutions or support in building up their molecular biology portfolio.
- We are constantly developing new kits for food targets.
- We also develop kits upon request by our clients, with short development times. We control the whole process, from designing the solution to producing the kits.
- We offer you thousands of high-quality products from diverse partners in the world for the food and veterinary area.
- Fast response time, direct support and personal contact with our customers are our top priorities.

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Biochempeg Scientific Inc. is a fast-growing worldwide company dedicated to developing and manufacturing of high quality polyethylene glycol (PEG) products and derivatives, like Amine pegylation PEGS, Thiol pegylation PEGS, Biotinylated PEGS, Monofunctional PEGS, Heterbifunctional PEGS, Homobifunctional_PEGS, Multi-arm PEGS,Fluorescent PEGS, Lipid PEGS,etc. Based on proprietary technologies, Biochempeg Scientific Inc. is capable of supplying small to large quantities of high quality PEGs for customers worldwide. Biochempeg Scientific Inc. also provides custom synthesis of PEGs of various molecular weights (MW) and functionalities to facilitate and enhance growing industrial and academic uses.

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