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Intact Genomics

intact genomics

Intact Genomics offers high quality competent cells, enzymes, cloning kits, RT-PCR kits, and RT-qPCR kits at very competitive prices. ig™ competent cells have the highest transformation efficiencies in the market.  ig™ Taq DNA Polymerase, T4 DNA Ligase, Pfu DNA Polymerase, RT-PCR Kit, SYBR Green qPCR 2x Master Mix, and igScript™ First Strand cDNA synthesis kit have been tested and proven to be very high quality with robust and reliable results as well. Intact Genomics also provides a variety of custom services including High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA preparation, BAC library, fosmid library, DNA library screening, custom vector construction, large-insert DNA cloning, and next generation sequencing. All our products and services are developed and manufactured from our state-of-the-art laboratories in St. Louis, USA.

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DH10B Chemically Competent Cells - 6x200µl 1014-24

€ 256,16


Intact Genomics ig™ 10B chemically competent cells (E. coli) are suitable for high efficiency transformation in a wide variety of applications such as cloning and sub-cloning. This derivative of DH10B provides the highest efficiency in the industry. Product Includes: ig™ 10B competent cells pUC19 control DNA Recovery medium
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